The Spellbound Series: Jade Fangio

We first meet Jade in the short story Playing with Magick. She’s a witch with a vendetta against a hunter named Thatcher Kinnick. Her history with Thatcher is a bit unclear (and I left it that way for a reason) but it’s hinted that Jade may have lost a child. Other than that, Jade understandably wants revenge against all hunters since they’ve recently taken control of Jade’s city and banned the practice of magick. All witches are in danger under this new regime.

But what is there to know about Jade? Well, it’s also hinted at in the short story that the Fangio witches have a long and dark reputation in the witch community. They’re not above using dark magick or hurting people. Her father, Joe Fangio, is in prison but it’s because of something financial. Probably money laundering. Her mother, Mona Fangio, well let’s just say she got on the bad side of a spell gone wrong.

Jade is twenty-six years old and bisexual. Her longtime partner is another witch named Toni Weiss. Their relationship is explored in the short story.

When I picture Jade, I always see the actress Ruby Rose. That was partly because of the model on the short story cover, but once I made the connection I couldn’t stop seeing her as Ruby.

Jade is coming back in future Spellbound stories, and with them we’ll learn even more about her. There will definitely be consequences that pop up as a result of her actions in Playing with Magick, and she’s definitely not done with vendettas. I think if she were a phrase she’d be “God forgives but I don’t.”

Will anything pull her away from the edge before it’s too late? We’ll see.

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