N.J. Ember is a paranormal fiction author who loves to write stories about survival and triumph over adversity. Whether her characters are dealing with the paranormal or everyday life, she seeks to show that strength is not always about being superhuman or invulnerable. She enjoys anything with mystery, suspense and horror, so when she’s not writing you can find her watching shows like Orphan Black, Penny Dreadful and Sherlock. She currently lives in Michigan with her grandpa and a forever growing collection of books and Funko Pop! figures.

Illustration by Melissa Stevens of The Illustrated Author Design Services.

Hey readers! (And possible future readers.) Welcome to Nocturnal Novelist! You may not know me that well so here’s the unofficial about me:

– I use initials for my author name and I know sometimes people get confused as to how to address me. Please feel free to call me any of the following:

  • N.J.
  • Nadia
  • Ink witch

– My main genres are urban fantasy, paranormal and horror. If you like spooky then I’m your girl. 🖤

– I also write books with wonderful author Amir Lane. My personal recommendation for their books is Gift of Shadows because it’s my favorite. You can find their reader group here:

– I don’t write clean. Expect swears, bloodshed and all the usual adult shenanigans. (Though I do plan to write both YA & NA.)

Things I love:

  • Books (bet you didn’t see that one coming)
  • Spooky aesthetics 👻
  • Purple (my favorite color)
  • Mary Shelley
  • Tacos (really all Mexican food)
  • Versailles (Netflix) #MonChevy
  • David Tennant
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda (#hamiltrash)
  • Halloween 🎃
  • Brownies
  • Coffee

I’m forgetting some but you get the idea. Yes, I’m aware some of these things are food. Yes, I’m aware some of these things are people. 😂 I guarantee you’ll hear about them a lot.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know my readers and interacting with all of you so don’t be shy. Leave comments ask questions and most of all have fun. 🖤

You can find out more about me and my books here: https://www.njember.com

Email me: firelotusbks@gmail.com

Send Author Amir Lane Some Love:

Their page: https://www.facebook.com/amirlaneauthor/

Their website: https://amirlane.com

Their group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/amirlane/

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