What Happens When You Encourage Your Dreams & Believe More

This morning, something amazing happened that will positively effect my writing career in the months to come. I try not to reveal specifics when the outcome is far off, so forgive me for being deliberately vague. Call it a quirk of mine. I will say that the news came as a complete surprise and that I couldn't be … Continue reading What Happens When You Encourage Your Dreams & Believe More

The First & Most Crucial Step to OWNING NaNoWriMo

Are you a writer? Have you ever considered NaNoWriMo? Then check out this inspirational post by Kristen Lamb!

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Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.42.44 AM No Spawn left behind!

I love all of you, so it might be best to hear this from me. Sit down. We need to talk. Writers are….”different.” This might not be news to some of you, but I imagine others of you are in denial. I know I was for ages. We try SO HARD to be normal, but normal is just so, so, so…BORINGnormal.

Our “differentness” weirds normal people out, because they’ve been trained by TV what the writer’s life should look like.

Just like DNA analysis takes less than 10 minutes on an episode of Rizzoli & Isles and the bad guy is caught and in cuffs in less than an hour, what “looks” like writing and the creative process in movies? Kind of isn’t. Not even CLOSE.

Too often, pop culture paints authors as caricatures instead of pros. We mainline coffee (okay, that’s accurate), are…

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