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General Writing Advice

Here’s some articles I found around the internet. They have some great advice for any author, no matter what stage of the journey they’re on.


Here are some sites and articles to read if you want to know more about indie publishing.

  1. Indie Author Survival Kit | Createspace (S.M. Boyce)
  2. Indie Author Survival Guide | Writing and Critique Partners
  3. Indie Author Survival Kit | Author Website
  4. Changes in the Publishing World | Traditional vs. Self Publishing – (S.M. Boyce The Writer’s Corner)
  5. The Indie Voice
  6. Paperback Distribution: Createspace vs. Lightning Source
  7. Distributing your self-published books: CreateSpace + IngramSpark (Ksenia Anske)
  8.  The Cost of Self-Publishing a Book (Jenny of Blots & Plots)
  9. What is a Media Kit and Why You Need One by @MFlicksAuthors
  10. The definitive indie author guide to author websites that attract and convert

Picking A Publisher:

About Being a Published Author:

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