2017 Pages of Fear Blog Hop

Welcome to the first ever Pages of Fear blog hop. It’s a pre-Halloween event celebrating authors who like to fright and delight with their writing. As you progress through the twenty-eight blogs/websites you’ll learn about authors you may already know and be introduced to some new ones.

Everyone loves the opportunity to get something free. All of the authors have gathered together to give ONE lucky winner signed copies of their books (one per author). You may even find other types of giveaways on their sites so, keep your eyes open. While you’re looking you want to locate the secret word on each site. Make a list of the words in the proper order. When you reach the final destination (authorsfbenson.com), you’ll find an email address. Send your list to it. The winner will be selected courtesy of random.org.

Lost? Start the hop by visiting Lily Luchesi’s website: lilyluchesibooks.wix.com/lilyluchesi

Get on your marks.
Get set.

What You Could Win:

In case you don’t know me my name is N.J. Ember and my book is called The Desiccated.  At it’s heart, The Desiccated is a paranormal/science fiction story about how far people would go to protect the ones they love. If you’re lucky enough to win, the book you’ll be receiving from me is part one in our adventure. The Desiccated follows the life of the main character, Lia, and the small town of Black Ridge Falls. Lia is the kind of person who cares for the people she loves to the point of putting their needs before her own. Her selflessness is seen most often with the way she takes care of her little sister, Lucy (who is a real doll, by the way) and her best friend E.J. Much like the town of Black Ridge Falls, there’s more to the world of The Desiccated than meets the eye. You can learn more about why by reading below.


About The Desiccated

As birds fall from the sky, an omen of danger descends on the tight-knit community of Black Ridge Falls. One by one, people collapse from an unknown illness, and Lia Thomas’s perfectly constructed safety net begins to unravel. When her best friend becomes infected, she must rely on the word of strangers to save his life… or at very least, his humanity. With only fourteen days to find a cure, they race to escape quarantine and save the town from extinction, but a single drop of water could jeopardize everything.

About Part 1

In the first installment of The Desiccated, Lia is ensnared in the growing danger that looms over the town. Her neighbors are going missing, her friends are falling ill and she is exposed to a world she can’t believe is real. As new threats tangle with old secrets, she will discover her biggest obstacle isn’t what lurks in the shadows, but what lies within herself.

Can she face the darkness in her past so she may face the dangers of the present? What will be the consequences of her choices? One thing is for certain, the town of Black Ridge Falls is in trouble, and she may be the only one who can save it. Will Lia find her inner strength in time?

I’m very excited to be a part of this blog hop and I’d like to thank author SF Benson for the opportunity. I hope everyone has fun looking for the secret words and learning about the authors and their books! If you like the sound of The Desiccated, you can add it to your Goodreads here or visit my website to learn more about me and my books. I love talking with readers and I’m pretty much everywhere on social media, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Question for the Comments:

What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Next up…Emily Cyr!

To continue the hop, please visit Emily Cyr at https://emilycyr.com/

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