Once Upon a Book Ticket Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I’ve been super busy lately. My first priority is getting well enough to leave this rehab center. (Yes, I’m still there.) But on top of that I’ve been trying to stay upbeat by doing as many productive things as possible. This includes scheduling signing events for the summer (four in total so far,) working on finishing The Desiccated – Part 2, working on a new SECRET project (which I’m really excited about,) and setting up websites and branding for my publishing imprints.

The summer weather here has been beautiful lately, and it has given me the jump start I needed to get my butt in gear despite the obstacles I’m facing. Summer is also the perfect time to go book signings like Once Upon a Book. OUAB is being held at the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and while Frankenmuth’s peak season is traditionally the winter (it literally transforms into a mini Christmas wonderland) the summer season is equally exciting. Why? Think indoor water parks, horse drawn carriage rides, shopping and more! Plus, the signing will have seventy-seven different authors for readers to meet and get signed books from.

If you live in Michigan, or would be willing to travel there on August twelfth then you should considering attending Once Upon a Book Author Signing. Want to go but don’t have the money for tickets? That’s okay, because I’m about to give you the chance to go anyway. I’m currently running a give away for people to win one of five general admission tickets. All you have to do is enter below:

OUAB Ticket Giveaway

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