The Desiccated Has Been Nominated!

Hey Everyone! I haven’t been blogging for awhile and here’s why: I’m in a rehabilitation center trying to get physical therapy for a lumbar fracture. I spent one month in the hospital and nearly four months here in rehab. I only have my laptop when my papa brings it in the afternoons so it isn’t easy to get blogging done. The other reason is that this recovery isn’t easy, and there’s been many weeks where I’ve come close to losing hope. I didn’t want to talk about that and no one likes a depressed author.

Still, I’m doing my best to focus on positive goals and the things that I have some control over. I’m currently writing The Desiccated – Part 2 on my phone. I’m looking ahead to my book signings, because attending these events makes me more happy than you can imagine. My first signing is Once Upon a Book Author Signing in August! So my hope is that I’m out of this rehab by then. I had a blast when I did my first signing there last year and I CAN’T WAIT to go there again.

In fact, OUAB is going to be extra special for me this year and the reason why is the main reason I’m writing this blog post. Are you ready?


The Desiccated – Part 1 has been nominated for awards in FOUR categories! I’m so shocked, excited and grateful! Really, I’m so grateful to everyone who nominated my book and I, to everyone who continues to support me and everything that I do and I’m forever grateful to everyone here reading this post. Without the love and support of my readers and fans this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you so much! I’m also incredibly honored to be nominated alongside some of the most incredibly talented authors out there. Congratulations to all the other nominees!

Just being nominated means that we get to go to a special signing at the local Barnes and Noble the day before Saturday’s signing at the Bavarian Inn Lodge! However, there’s still more amazing opportunities to strive for, and to achieve them my fellow authors and I will need your help. We need votes so that we can win the awards!

I would really love it if The Desiccated – part 1 had a chance to win something. I put a lot of hard work into making it a great story, and the feedback I get tells me that many people are enjoying it. If you’ve read it and you think it’s worthy I’d like to ask you, please, will you vote for us? Even if you didn’t think my book is all that great or deserving, there’s a ton of authors on the ballot that could use your vote. Filling out the Google form only takes a minute.

If you’d like to vote, the link to the Facebook post can be found right here. Linking directly to the form doesn’t work for me for some reason.

Thank you so much for your consideration and for sticking around! I’ll write more when I can.



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