Lia is LIVE!

Remember how I said I post an announcement when The Desiccated – Part 1 was available for sale? This is it! The Desiccated – Part 1 is slowly becoming available in ebook and paperback EVERYWHERE. To find out exactly where you can check this page. (I’m updating it as it becomes available on different platforms so be sure to check back often.) If you’re unsure whether The Desiccated – Part 1 is your kind of read, the good news is you can get the ebook for only ninety-nine cents. Are you convinced yet? No? Well, you can always look at the free sample, too.

What is The Desiccated – Part 1? I’m so glaf you asked. It’s a story about family, friendship, shady scientific experiments….Read on and see for yourself.


In the first installment of The Desiccated, Lia is ensnared in the growing danger that looms over the town. Her neighbors are going missing, her friends are falling ill and she is exposed to a world she can’t believe is real. As new threats tangle with old secrets, she will discover her biggest obstacle isn’t what lurks in the shadows, but what lies within herself. Can she face the darkness in her past so she may face the dangers of the present? What will be the consequences of her choices? One thing is for certain, the town of Black Ridge Falls is in trouble, and she may be the only one who can save it. Will Lia find her inner strength in time?

Also, the reason why it’s titled The Desiccated – Part 1 is because I’m going to publish The Desiccated in installments. You can read more about the reason for that in a previous post. This means that Part 1 most likely ends on a cliffhanger, and for those of you that need trigger warnings, there is depictions of domestic violence in the book. I’d reccomend it for ages sixteen and up.

I hope that answers your questions about The Desiccated – Part 1, but if not, you’re welcome and encouraged to reach out to via the contact form or through social media. I don’t check my email frequently so the contact form will ensure that I get back to you promptly. You can also leave general questions in the comments.

I love release day. There’s something special about sending your work out into the world and knowing that people are going to read it. Even if the feedback is negative, I know that it will provide me with opportunities to grow as an author. So don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads and/or leave reviews. Your thoughts are important to other readers, too. You can also follow me on Amazon and they’ll alert you when the next two parts come out.

Okay, that’s it. I hope you’ll consider giving The Desiccated – Part 1 a shot. I know that the book won’t be for everyone, but I want to thank you in advance. Thank you! Authors work really hard to write the types of books that readers will enjoy, but we also know that it wouldn’t be possible without your support. I’m off to celebrate and dive into the next chapters of Part 2! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

What are you reading right now? What are some of your favorite books?



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