What Happens When You Encourage Your Dreams & Believe More

This morning, something amazing happened that will positively effect my writing career in the months to come. I try not to reveal specifics when the outcome is far off, so forgive me for being deliberately vague. Call it a quirk of mine. I will say that the news came as a complete surprise and that I couldn’t be happier!

I faced many setbacks in the last few years and doubt crept in slowly. The anxiety of what-ifs filled my head, and as a consequence the days that I wrote became far and few between. The more days that I didn’t write the worse I felt, but I couldn’t shake the horrible feeling that I was never going to get where I wanted to be because I lacked the resources necessary to get started. I began focusing on the wrong things and lost the joy of doing what I love (more than anything).

This year, I told myself that I would live with less fear and be more mindful of the time that I’m given. I want to do more of things that make me happy, and that includes writing stories. I want to challenge myself to try new experiences, too. (Which includes signing at events like Once Upon A Book.) I told myself to believe with everything I had and to think positively, instead of always focusing on the negative. Here’s what happened:



Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back.

I started seeing signs that reinforced my resolve to be positive. Posts from my Facebook friends popped up that shared how they were going through similar struggles or else encouraged people to write what scares you. Small, yet powerful, signs of encouragement were around me so much that it was almost impossible not to notice them.

Likewise, opportunities for things that I needed and others that I would’ve never considered, kept finding their way to me.  The news from this morning is only one in a string of “lucky” opportunities that I seem to be stumbling on lately. The first was getting the yes email for Once Upon A Book author signing. After that was a school opportunity. Then, I needed a banner for OUAB and all of the banners I found were out of my budget. I was busy thinking of how I could save up extra money when surprise, I found a Staples coupon for banners that were much cheaper to have made.

Best of all, I’m back to writing again! And while my progress wouldn’t knock anyone’s socks off, I am so happy to be writing anything and loving The Desiccated again, too. I might be making slow progress, but at least it’s steady progress.  

This isn’t to say that life is completely perfect now and that I quit having bad days, because I didn’t. I still have days where it’s difficult to write and the stress of unexpected family issues rear their ugly head, but writing helps me through all that. Even when the blah days outweigh the better ones, I’m still fighting to remember that nothing lasts forever.

Which is why, even when life is going well for you, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

One of your friends or loved ones might be going through their own season of difficulty. Consider checking up on them and offering support where you can. Remember all the times you were in a horrible mood and they stuck by you? Be there for them, too. You can just as easily end up back where you started and having a great support system in place makes a world of difference! It doesn’t have to be a big gesture, it just needs to be meaningful.

Share the good vibes! Similarly, if you find yourself in a position to help someone the way that you were helped, pay it forward. Think of a random act of kindness you can do like the ones that you see in memes all over the internet. Again, the goal is to be meaningful. Contribute something positive without considering how you’re going to benefit from it, karmacally or otherwise.

And because my best friend and I watched the new Cinderella movie last weekend I’m going to leave you with these final words: Have courage and be kind. You’ll be amazed at what happens.


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