A New Year, A New Start

The start of a new year can make some people feel pressure to change the way they do things or to change how they live. You probably heard the expression: New Year, New Me.

I don’t believe that a new year will somehow make me a new person. I’m still me. However, I do believe in re-committing yourself to the goals that you haven’t gotten around to yet. This past year was a difficult one for me. While there was some good things between the bad, I can’t say that I’m sad to see it go. I won’t say that this upcoming year will be any easier because life doesn’t often work that way, but I’m confident in my ability to grow and finish the things I’ve neglected. I’m going into the new year with renewed focus and determination.

very happy

One thing I’ve neglected for far too long is blogging. So I’m making a renewed promise to blog more regularly in the weeks ahead, even if my posts aren’t perfect.

Since I haven’t blogged in awhile, there is something super exciting happening for me in 2016 that I need to tell you about…I’m going to my first book signing! (As an author, not just a reader.) That’s right, I’m signing books this year at Once Upon A Book Signing and Happily Ever Ball in Frankenmuth, Michigan. You can find the dates and more information about the event by clicking on the link or by going to the Appearences tab in the menu. There are going to be many talented authors signing books there, so if you’re around Michigan at the time of the event you should really consider going. The number of tickets available are limited and I would hate for you to miss out.

Look at all the amazing authors! Credit to: Jaime.

Look at all the amazing authors! Credit to: Jaime.

Also, since you need books to sign for a booksigning to happen The Desiccated will finally be published later this year! That’s another thing that I’m working toward. Are you excited yet? Because I’m excited. What are some of things you’re looking forward to in the year ahead? Do you set new year’s resolutions? I enjoy hearing from all of you and thank you for sticking by me through another year. You’re the best.

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