I’m Going To A Party!

A Halloween blog party, that is. Two, and I hope you’ll be here to help me celebrate. What is a blog party? Well, since this is my first time participating in them I can only tell you what I think. Blog parties seem like fancy blog hops, with lots of people writing a blog post on a specific theme and linking back to each other on a certain date. Everyone involved will visit each participants blog on that date and leave comments and kudos to the blog’s author.

Witches in Fiction 2014, ButtonSince Halloween is my favorite holiday I thought that a Halloween blog party would be the perfect way to do something special on the blog to celebrate it. The first party will be on October 17, 2014 called Witches in Fiction: Crafting Blooming Howls. It is hosted by Magaly Guerrero’s Pagan Culture and there is still time to sign up! Witches in Fiction is not a blog party about witches or for Witches, but a come-and-have-a-blast event where likeminded people celebrate stories, poetry, crafts, painting, sculptures, brewing, myths… art and life in a world with witches and magic in it.

halloween party graph

The Second party will be on October 25, 2014 and it is hosted by A Fanciful Twist! It is their seventh annual Halloween party and judging from the sign up page  it looks like a lot of fun. So come back on those days to see what Halloween inspired treats I come up with! The only other thing I need to come up with is…What am I going to wear? After all, Halloween is a great time to get all dressed up.

I’m curious, what is your favorite thing about Halloween? Are you dressing up this year? If you don’t like Halloween, share some stories about your favorite holiday.


5 thoughts on “I’m Going To A Party!

  1. Cheers luvvy! Halloween is my favorite holiday too. It’s just plain fun. I’ve always been a party girl! Lol
    Ps. I’m wearing an artsy dress that looks like halloween. ; D

  2. My Favorite thing about Halloween is that decorating for it is only limited by your Imagination and you can indulge all of your Fantasies from the Macabre to the Whimsical to the Organic, depending on what moves you in Autumn to Create an environment to Celebrate the occasion? Since I always wanted to live in a Mansion like the Addams Family I have Created that particular environment for my Halloween Enjoyment. Vanessa’s wonderful Halloween Blog Party gives me the perfect opportunity to Share it with others… Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

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