Now Playing: 3 Benefits of Writing with Music

Hesitant AboutClassical Music-I’m the type of writer who likes to listen to music when they write. When I’m writing a book it’s  like watching scenes play out in a movie, and what’s a good movie without a great soundtrack? Maybe  having noise while you write disrupts your concentration, it  doesn’t work for you, or maybe you tried it and you couldn’t figure out why you weren’t getting any work done.

That’s okay. Everybody’s writing process is different, and there is more than one way to get things done. However, if you’re willing to give it another try or even try it for the first time, there are some things that I find beneficial about writing while listening to music.

It Turns Off Your Inner Editor

If you’re a writer you know it can be difficult to start writing and to keep writing. Why? Because of our inner-editors. As you’re writing, you keep glancing at the previous sentence/paragraph/word thinking: Maybe it would be better if I wrote it this way. Did I spell that right? This is no good at all. What am I doing? In fact, I’m having a lot of those same thoughts as I write this. None of us are immune to that inner-editor/critic that fills us with doubt and dread. Writing with music helps  steer the focus elsewhere, so you can keep getting the words down without losing your motivation.

It Puts You in a Writing Mindset

Writing with music can steer focus away from your inner-editor, but it can also give you focus to write. By listening to music, everything else is pushed away except the music and the story. It helps you to relax and become comfortable so that inspiration and epiphanies are able to make themselves heard. Ever heard the saying that a watched pot never boils? The same is true with writing. If you’re too stressed or worried about getting the words on to the page you’re essentially setting yourself up for mental blocks. (Believe me, I know.) Get everything you need, sit down, put on some music, maybe take a deep breath or two and start.

It Helps Amplify the Tone of the Story/Scene

Remember how I mentioned that writing music is like a movie soundtrack? Sometimes that couldn’t be more true. Imagine you’re writing an intense scene and you have some similarly intense music playing at the same time. Wouldn’t that make it easier to imagine what the character might be feeling at that moment? I know that it does for me. Sometimes as I’m writing a scene the right music starts playing and it helps enrich the details of that moment. It also makes it a lot more fun to write.

So there you have it. Those are a few reasons to write with music. Still not convinced it’s for you?

Tips for Writing with Music:

  • Wear Headphones – It will block outside noise and create a sort of bubble for you to write in.
  • Consider Listening to Classical/Instrumental Music or Movie Soundtracks – Your favorite music might make you want to dance, get up and/or move around when you need to be writing.
  • If that doesn’t work: try something like Coffitivity (simulates coffee shop sounds), Rainy Café (simulates coffee shop sounds and/or rain), Simply Noise (white noise generator) or Simply Rain (simulates rain storms) that creates similarly effective background noise.

I want to leave you with one of my favorite artists to listen to while writing. This is their special one hour compilation. If you enjoy it please consider buying their music or subscribing to their YouTube channel. P.S. I’m now an official  Goodreads  author! So feel free to friend me or add The Desiccated to your to-read shelf.


Do you write with music? Why or why not? Share some of your favorite music to listen to (while writing or otherwise.) As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

2 thoughts on “Now Playing: 3 Benefits of Writing with Music

  1. This is a great post. I find the same problem that I can’t listen to my favourite songs because they put me off writing! I do listen to classical sometimes and will have to give some of your suggestions a try. I must say though that I love the ‘Rainy Café’ sounds. I’m going to bookmark that 🙂

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the post and I’m really glad I could help! It’s easier to write with instrumental, but sometimes I still slip a favorite in. Thank you for commenting.

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