Why I Write

Why do authors* write? How did they get started? It’s a question that’s often asked and each answer is as unique as the author themselves. The Why I Write blog hop is a fun way to gain insight into what inspires people, giving readers the stories behind the storytellers and perhaps fostering encouragement in other creative minds. I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in this blog hop by lovely writer, Amy Good. Thank you so much Amy for tagging me! If you’re curious, you can read her Why I Write (it’s awesome) and check out the other lucky people that she tagged, too. If you’re on Twitter, join in on Friday Phrases (which was created by Amy.) I may veer slightly off-topic here, but I promise it will all lead back to the main question. Ready?

Is there an untold storyinside you-The answer to the question of why I write is most likely rooted in my childhood. I didn’t have many friends outside of school and spent a lot time alone in my room. The first time I actually created a story was when an orchestra visited my elementary school and performed in the gym. While listening to the music, I started to imagine scenes and when I visited my grandmother I had her write it all down for me. She arranged the loose leaf pages in a folder, I decorated them with stickers and it’s still sitting in a drawer in my room…somewhere. The first time I realized someone could actually have a career as an author wasn’t until the third grade (when a teacher pointed out that it would be a good fit for me), but I’ve had many similar experiences since then that reaffirm that the path I’m currently on is the right one.

Our experiences are important. Many friends have said that because I’ve lived life in a unique way it has given me plenty of material for stories. That’s probably true. I’ve heard authors say that their characters are pieces of themselves, people they know, people they observe and/or complete fiction. Write what you know is a common piece of advice that authors receive when they start out. In my case, I think that my experiences not only provide inspiration for my stories, but also motivation for me to write. Why do I write? I want to reach out to people that are going through difficult times, I want to inspire individuals to have courage when following their dreams, I want to tell stories that open people’s eyes and hearts. I want to leave something that readers can connect to long after I’m gone. I want to shake something up inside a human mind. I want to create, build, grow something in a world full of chaos. If all I can do is give someone an escape from whatever through a well-told story, then that’s what I’m going to do. I have no other choice.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Maybe that’s a tall order, you might even say that it’s impossible, but guess what? My life is full of impossibility. When you’re told something is impossible (as people who dream often are), keep trying until you’ve run out of options and then tuck it into your back pocket in case something changes. Life is unpredictable and very few things are set in certainty. If you have a story then you should write it. You don’t have to let anyone see it if you don’t want to. I have friends who just write for themselves and everyone has their own reasons as to why they write. Now you know mine.

As always, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my post. Since this is a blog hop the people that I’m asking to participate are:

  1. Ben Ditmars
  2. Dionne Lister

*I use author here but am actually referring to anyone who writes, including bloggers.

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