Writer Recharge: The Second Update

If I could have two titles for a blog post, maybe one as the title and one as subtitle, I’d also call this Giving Myself Permission To Dream. I’m horrible at sticking to a schedule and yes, I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. (Did you miss me?) As such, this is second (and possibly final) update for February’s Writer Recharge. Maybe we should get a quick recap of my goals for this month:

  1. Finish a Draft (I’m hoping it’s The Desiccated, but any draft will do.)
  2. Set a daily word count that I can stick to.
  3. Decide once and for all if I want to crowdfund a project or not. If yes…
  4. Get started on a crowdfunding/marketing plan.
  5. Read more books before adding to my TBR pile.
  6. Write more material in general and submit it to lit.mags/online journals.
  7. Interact with other bloggers more.

Sadly, I have not been able to complete any of drafts. In fact I managed to add one more. However, I did manage to write a thousand words yesterday and I’ve decided that five hundred words per day is doable. That’s where the giving myself permission to dream happened.

After so much time of being frustrated and not able to do anything writing wise, I sat down one day and started to make a list of all the book ideas I wanted to write if I could. The list turned into nineteen ideas…including sequels, prequels, novellas and a short story collection. See, I’ve never had a problem coming up with ideas that I wanted to write into reality. What I do have is a severe lack of confidence in myself, and not only do I struggle sometimes with not giving myself permission to write but giving myself permission to dream.  Anxiety, fear, stress, writer’s block…It’s all connected really. If I start to listen too closely to all the doubt that’s out there and inside of me, I close myself off from all the things that make me truly happy and that’s not what I want to do.

Nineteen story ideas. Maybe they’ll all get written and maybe I’ll end up scraping a few of them, but the important thing is that I believe that they’re possible.

As for reading, I’ve been devouring a lot of Karina Halle books or books on writing. I’ve read all of the Artists Trilogy now and The Devil’s Metal. I haven’t started on the first book in the Experiment in Terror series, but I did just buy Donner of the Dead yesterday. I am so excited to get into that book! Have you seen any of those teasers?

Anyway, I also feel like I’ve been interacting with other bloggers more, especially on Twitter. I’ve met some really nice, caring, individuals and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them. If I don’t say it enough, I really appreciate every person who reads this blog and leaves feedback and/or reaches out to me through social networking. Thank you all so much! There’s still much that I’m undecided on (including starting a Pubslush campaign), but I hope that you’ll all stay with me.

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7 thoughts on “Writer Recharge: The Second Update

    • Thank you for your encouragement! I try very hard but some days are more difficult than others. I agree, connecting with other writers has taught me so much and I will always be grateful for that. πŸ™‚ Thank you for commenting.

  1. Do not get worried about the number of drafts! The inspiration to complete them will definitely come! πŸ™‚
    I just realised that we weren’t connected on Twitter, yet. I just changed that from my side. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Karen! Thank you for commenting. I know that inspiration is tricky and as a writer I shouldn’t wait on it and just get used to writing everyday, but it’s hard to write if I don’t feel it. Thank you for the follow, I just followed you back.

      • Thanks for following back. πŸ™‚
        I cannot write on a daily basis either. Some writers need the pressure, others don’t. Every writer needs to find the way that just suits best. And the writing process changes over time. What used to be a great approach some months ago – might just not do any more today.

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