The Results Are In! Format Preference Poll.

First, thank you so much to everyone who voted! I received some positive feedback on Twitter and a few of you were curious about the what the results were going to be. Naturally I thought a blog post about it would be a good idea. Since there were only nineteen votes in total this will be a short one. To the results!

Out of nineteen votes:

Paperback was the leader with eight votes.

Ebook came in second with six votes.

Audiobook was third with three votes.

Hardcover and Manga/Graphic Novel each received one vote.

You might’ve been surprised that I added the Manga/Graphic Novel category, but since I own books in each of the listed formats I was curious to see what would happen there. I wasn’t sure if Ebook or paperback would lead, and I would’ve been happy with either. I’m going to keep doing polls, so keep an eye out for them if you’re interested.

Also I’ve started doing some book reviews for Booktastik. Like this one. You can sign up to get notified about book deals, promote your own books for a fee or review books for them. I like doing the reviews because it’s another way to get some writing done, and since I added the Booktastik logo to my sidebar I can add a link to this blog. Win-win.

So, did the results come out the way you thought they would? What surprises you?

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4 thoughts on “The Results Are In! Format Preference Poll.

  1. I’ve found much the same through my very unscientific research. I went out with the e-book version of Little River first and found several distribution channels needed print editions. Readers (the ones who actually go out and buy this stuff) wanted a paper copy.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences, James! That helps 🙂 From what I’ve been reading you should have your books in as many formats as possible because it opens up the potential for more sales. I wasn’t thinking about doing an audiobook until I found out my best friend can’t read print very well. She either needs a way to blow the text up bigger or an audiobook, which she prefers.

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