My Favorite Things: Christmas Eve (Eve) Edition

Hey Guys, did you know it was Monday already? I forgot, and I haven’t even started wrapping my gifts yet. One. Day. Before. Christmas! Okay, a little more than a day, but not much. I wanted to do a post about something like the different origins of Christmas, maybe the different ways it’s celebrated or different lore and mythology. Maybe I’d talk about Yule. The point here is that I had ideas, lots of them and then I forgot it was Monday. I know Thanksgiving is usually the time when we talk about the things we’re thankful for, but Christmas can be a good time for that also. As difficult as the year has been for me, there were some great moments. So here are some of my favorite things, about life and Christmas.

Clifton Mill in Clifton, Ohio is the site of t...

Clifton Mill in Clifton, Ohio is the site of this Christmas display with over 3.5 million lights. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my favorite things about this year will always be how far I’ve come on my self-publishing journey. The amount of knowledge and support I’ve gained since starting a year ago is incredible. I know I’ve mentioned how great the indie author community is, but seriously, there is so much support there. I’ve met many wonderful people and friends. I believe that writers and authors are just generous people. Recently I was added to the Self-Publishing Author Friends Group* on Facebook. The number of topics, ideas, and questions that are discussed and debated ensures that there is always something new to learn. Even though I haven’t really introduced myself yet, ( I’m waiting until I’ve published) I’ve learned a ton just by reading through the posts and comments. I try to contribute when I can.

Reading other blogs have taught me a lot as well. One place I find great posts is through Twitter and the Monday Blogs hashtag. If you’ve written a blog post, have a Twitter account and it’s Monday, try #MondayBlogs or follow @MondayBlogs. I find that Mondays are my best days for views and follows. Remember to read and retweet others who’re using the #MondayBlogs tag. Giving and receiving is not exclusive to Christmas time and it’s good manners! Of course, the WordPress reader or Freshly Pressed is another way to find blog content.

I’m blessed to know a ton of amazing people. I could try to pick my favorites, but that would be impossible. My grandpa is someone who is always pushing me to finish what I start, to keep writing, to keep trying, because he truly believes I can be great. I do everything while keeping my siblings in mind, especially my little brother. Watching him grow into the person he’s going to be, Seeing him try something new or achieve a goal, it inspires me so much. I really do think he is an amazing kid and the best Christmas gift I got this year was when he called me big sister. People take that kind of thing for granted all the time, but for me, for reasons, it’s the kind of thing I cherish.

My close friends are an incredibly patient, creative and loving group of people. I think they put up with a lot from me. Maybe we put up with a lot from each other. What I know is that we all have things we’re trying to accomplish, and even though that means we haven’t seen each other as much, we always cheer each other on. We always want the best for each other. With my other friends, just talking to them, reconnecting and seeing where we’re at in life makes me happy.

English: Christmas fried dumplings with dried ...

English: Christmas fried dumplings with dried plums (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our favorite thing to do at Christmas time is eat, or at least it’s in the top five. When we celebrate Christmas, a lot of the tradition comes from the food. Having things like Angel Wings, Kielbasa, Sauerkraut, Pierogies, Babka**…That’s how you know it’s a holiday. That and the elaborate amount of decorating my grandpa does. Because I’ve grown up eating food from Grandpa’s Polish heritage, I forget that other people might not know what that’s like. Or know what those things are. I take the little details that signify Christmas to us for granted, and that’s why I thought it was important to mention them.

Being able to spend time with people during Christmas is something special, but it’s my favorite thing to do any time of the year. I’m not complicated. Being surrounded by people I love, who love me, or being able to spend time with someone I haven’t seen in a while, it means everything. I hope that you’re able to have the things that make you happy this holiday season, and that it’s filled with your favorite things!

  1. *Self-Publishing Author Friends is a closed Facebook group. You have to be a writer or author to be invited to join, published or about to be published.
  2. **I probably wrote the rest of those names in Polish. Sorry. If you have questions, please feel free to ask  🙂

What are some of your favorite things (Holiday or Year)? How do you like to celebrate during the holiday? What or who makes them special?

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: Christmas Eve (Eve) Edition

  1. Thanks for re-posting my blog. It was a good occasion to see your blog and love the picture of Clifton Mill. Just can’t let my wife see the pierogie pictures. She had her fill of them when she was a kid!

    • You’re welcome! The pictures in the post were supplied by Zemanta, a program that helps you find extra content related to your post. Just go under users in your dashboard, click personal settings, scroll down and check the box next to Additional Post Content, if you want to enable it and try it out 🙂

      I can’t imagine anyone getting their fill of pierogies! I love farmer’s cheese. Maybe had them more frequently than we do. Thank you for your comment. Happy Holidays.

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