Been There, Done That

Once upon a time, there was a writer and a blog…As I sit here typing this, I’m working on the first challenge for Reuts Publications’ Project Reutsway. The theme for the event is GRIMM AND CLASSIC TALES (Not for the Faint of Heart) and the name for the first challenge is Bloody Ever After. Sound exciting? It’s definitely the type of thing I enjoy writing about. I had my idea all ready to go. Characters? check. Fairy tale? check. Setting? check. I started writing it all down.

So what’s the problem?

I feel like my story is too predictable. I feel like it won’t be compelling enough.  I realize that almost every story has been done before, and what makes them different is the way that the author writes them. Many people retell the story of Romeo and Juliet. Here’s something you might not know: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a retelling the greek story Pyramus and Thisbe.

Vampires, Revenants, Cannibals…These are all elements that we’ve read about multiple times. What makes us go back to these types of stories (besides the obvious), is that we want to see how the author is going to interpret and change them. We want to read new takes on old classics. That’s what these challenges are asking us to do.

So I have to concede that yes, my idea has been done before. As for it being compelling? I guess I’ll just have to trust the story and see if it works. I’m going to ignore the part of me that’s saying this won’t be good enough and do what every writer sets out to do from the very first word. I’m going to tell a great story.

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